Dutch Touch Lawn Treatments has a 6 step Lawn Fertilizing program which uses granular fertilizer to give lawns the nutrients they need to stay green and healthy.  We also use liquid weed killer to get the best total kill of the weeds in your lawn. 

6 step program

This is the program we recommend for the best looking and healthiest lawn. We can edit this plan to suite your needs.

1st step
Early spring fertilizer with crabgrass control.
(Gives lawns a boost to get going in the spring and helps prevent crab grass.)

2nd step
Late spring liquid weed killer
(This step kills the weeds while they are smaller before they seed.  It also gives the lawn micronutrients to help fight disease and pests.)

3rd step
Early summer slow release fertilizer
(Helps lawns make it through the hot dry period.)

4th step
Late Summer slow release fertilizer
(Additional feeding into Fall)

5th step
Early Fall liquid weed killer
(This step kills any weeds that seed during the summer. )

6th step
Fall slow release winterizer
(Helps the lawn through the winter into early spring by building up the lawn's root system.)

Other services include:

  • Shrub fertilizing
  • Lawn pest prevention/control
  • Aerating
  • Dethatching
  • Re-seeding